A Look at the Color Green

When you’re getting married, choosing the colors of your wedding is one of the first and most important steps that you will take. You must carefully choose the colors, ensuring that everything coordinates perfectly. One color many brides select for their wedding is green.

Green sits between the color red and blue on a color spectrum, with varying shades evoked through invisible light. This includes jade, grass green, lime green, light green, yellow green, lawn green, pea green, and a host of others. The color is said to be one of nature, simplicity, and renewal. It is a color that brings relaxation within the room.

Brides choose green for many reasons for their wedding. It is oftentimes selected because it is simply the favorite color of the bride (or the groom) while other times it is chosen because of the location of the wedding. No matter why you’ve selected green for your wedding color, you’re sure to enjoy the relaxing vibes that it sends throughout the venue on your big day.

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